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Christine Peh

Christine enjoys meeting and interacting with people across different nationalities, cultures, professions, age-groups and social backgrounds. Living in different countries for the past 2 decades had given her ample opportunities to do so.


She sees many ‘walking wounded’ among us and has a passion to listen to their stories and lend a listening ear.


Christine believes that when people learn to look within themselves and deal with difficult and painful issues, it helps them to deal better with life’s challenges. 


In personal or marital counseling, Christine has dealt with issues like:

  • loss & grief

  • emotional abuse & trauma

  • adjustment issues

  • self-esteem & identity issues

  • marital conflicts

  • anger-management

  • looking for life’s purpose


To Christine, effective communication in healthy relationships are the cornerstones of our basic well-being.  Christine is therefore, passionate to practice as well as teach effective communication & listening skills to her clients and students. In addition to counseling, Christine has developed and taught curriculums in the following areas:

  • Basic counseling skills to equip participants to be better people helpers

  • Forgiveness

  • Effective Communication

  • Five Love languages

She has also helped to conduct marriage enrichment courses for couples.

  • M.A. Degree (Top Honors) in Counseling.  Alliance Graduate School in Manila, Philippines.

  • B.A. Degree in Social Sciences. National University of Singapore.

  • Post-Grad Diploma in Systems Analysis. National University of Singapore.

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