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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

2020 came and is almost gone.

What's your encounter in 2020?

Many saw the death of their loved ones and did not get the chance to see them one last time.

Others see their business failing. King Solomon, one of the wisest person ever lived said "Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land."

Individual lives and marriages crumble under the pressure lockdowns and prolonged stay home restrictions. Existing cracks exposed. Revealing what is raw in the gut.

I see myself gravitating to the familiar. Creating meaningful work. Dreaming bigger dreams. Trying to pivot my work and maximise my contributions. Then to realise that these are desperate attempts to camouflage my insecurities. Opioids to dumb my senses. Crunches to hide my handicaps. "VANITY" King Solomon pronounced.

What's your encounter in 2020?

20/20 vision. That's the standard for perfect eyesight.

The poem encapsulates the transformation work that happens when a friend of mine took time for a personal retreat. He had the courage to encounter himself. And God showed up while he sat on a swing.


As I sat on the swing to reflect.......

Awaken to the fact

There’s something that I lack

A great pretender all my life

Just that it’s all a lie

I buried my disappointment

Every living moment

Always cheerful never down

I just put on my face of clown

My marriage failed

My career stalled

My family ‘s broken

My life felt stolen

Life directionless

Life’s a mess

Wrongly accused, problems with no end

Instead of God I just pretend

Where’s God and

When will it all end

To be fair

Even That I pretend

Looking back

I see the invisible hand that direct

Through it all , if not for your hand

Today I could never stand

You were there protecting

My family and everything

Ensuring that even in despair

Hope abounds you were always there

Praise you Lord for your grace

To escape my mess and disgrace

And for your protection

Arise complete restoration

Show me Lord my dreams

Now that I am awake

Open up my path

So that I can become ...

Who you want me to be

Poem by EL, 28th November 2020

Man on a Swing. Acrylic on canvas. 40 by 40 cm. By Michael Ong

Until you are ready to encounter yourself, will you encounter GOD.
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