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The Journey

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

It has been tough in ways more than one. Travel restrictions. Financial insecurities. Health threats. Cash flow issues. Businesses build over decades declared bankrupt. All these in a backdrop of increasing geopolitical tensions and racial conflicts around the world. Maybe these aren't your concerns. It is tough, but it's just on the TV anyway!

It is tough, nonetheless, in whatever way you may say!

It's tough to care for an aged parent. Social distancing and lockdown measures just makes it even tougher. Travel restrictions make me pray "GOD, please keep my parents safe. I want to see their faces before they enter the grave."

It is tough even when you are just a phone call away, because we do not now share the same physical space. We are created for relationships; soul, time and space. Authentic relationships that build on sharing the same physical space, enjoying a cup of coffee and holding each other, at least once a day. It is tough when I can't feel your embrace. Your skin touching my face. Why am I not so brave?

BECAUSE ... I know

A son far away, struggling to find his way. A daughter, my Grace, journey alone on her way. A father, like me, desperately trying to figure out a way. A mother heartbroken, whisper an earnest prayer: "Oh Lord Jesus, will you lead the way."

I know it's tough today, because it is your story I relay.

The Least of These (2018). Acrylic on canvas. By Michael Ong.

The song "My Journey" was written by my daughter when she was 12. As a third culture kid, she has spend her growing up years in 3 different countries and had relocated countless times. A week ago, she moved again. This time from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The song, though written some 10 years ago, still strikes a chord deep in my soul. May it do the same for you too.

by Grace Ong

So here I go again

Flying away on a plane

Excitement fills me

And goodness I shall foresee

For I know God is in control of my life

And there will be no strife

Because when I am angry and down

I know He is around

So now I am in this new place

Not recognizing a single face

So here I go, making new friends

And my list of friends start to extend

For I know God provides for me

He will shine the light when I can't see

And when I sit there staring into space

He will provide me a new face

Now I've got friends to play

I guess I'm okay

And just when I got settled in

I move to a new place once again

So you can repeat this poem once more

Maybe Jesus will be knocking at your door

Calling you to serve him

So don't look grim

For I know God is certain of what to do

He knows what to do with me and you

I will trust wherever He brings me to

As my journey is not through

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