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Dimension: 27.5 by 35.5cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year completed: 2017.


This picture BELOVED is set in an imaginative space.  It was inspired after my trip to Monet's Garden and returning to Stillwater in Spring.  Set in a picturesque tulip field, the rustic French bicycle sitting there, resting but also ready to continue the trip. It makes one wonder where the rider has come from and where the rider is going next? You can imagine laughter around it and a sense of rest from the months of tilling and planting, leading up to the blooming of the flowers.  The gardener understands that while he only tills, plants and waters,  it is the genetic code in the seed and bulb placed there by the creator that cause the growth.  The invitation is for us to to enjoy what the Creator already established. The Creator has made everything beautiful and He has chosen you and me for Himself (1 Samuel 16:1).

  • Beloved

    “Beloved” conjures a scene of profound serenity, one where a weathered bicycle finds solace in the vibrant embrace of a tulip garden. Here, the bicycle, symbolic of our weary souls, finds respite in the garden, representing God's loving embrace. It's a place where the hum of bees replaces the city's clamour, where the fragrance of blooms washes away worldly anxieties, and where the soft petals cradle every ache. Red tulips, symbolising passionate love, sacrifice and redemption. While yellow tulips symbolising joy, optimism, and the unwavering hope offered by God's light.  Each delicate bloom whispers a message of hope, resilience, and the ever-present grace of God. Immersed in the vibrant greenery, the bicycle sheds the dust of the road. The gentle breeze caresses its worn parts, like a soothing hand offering rest and rejuvenation. This echoes God's promise of restoring our physical and emotional well-being in His presence. "Beloved" is more than just a painting; it's an invitation. It beckons us to seek solace in the garden of God's love, to rest our weary souls amidst the fragrance of His grace, and to allow ourselves to be nourished, renewed, and revitalised by the gentle touch of God.

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