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Bridging Scars

Bridging Scars


Dimension: 120 by 90cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year completed: 2024.

  • Bridging Scars

    ”Bridging Scars” depicts Hanoi's Long Bien Bridge, a majestic sentinel over the Red River. It isn't just a historical landmark – it's a powerful symbol that resonates with the Christian concept of tenacity. Its story, etched in steel and resilience, mirrors our own journey of faith. Built as a marvel of French engineering, the bridge served as a symbol of colonial power. But its true strength was revealed during the Vietnam War, when it became a strategic target and bore the scars of heavy bombings. Yet, just as the Vietnamese people tirelessly repaired the bridge, keeping the vital connection open, so too do we, as followers of Christ, persevere through life's trials. The scars on the Long Bien Bridge, like the challenges we face, are not a mark of defeat. They are a testament to our resilience, a reminder of battles fought and overcome. Christian tenacity echoes this spirit. It acknowledges the inevitable setbacks and wounds life throws our way, but emphasises that they don't define us. It's the unwavering faith in God's love that fuels our ability to keep moving forward, stronger and more determined.

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