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Dimension: 50 by 50 cm

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Year completed: 2021

  • Come

    ”Come” an imposing wooden chair sits, not at the edge of the scene, but in the heart of it. This deliberate placement demands attention, inviting weary eyes to seek its comfort. It's more than just furniture; it's a beacon of respite, a promise of relief from the exertion of the hike.  Just as the chair offers physical repose, so too does Jesus offer solace and rejuvenation for the weary soul. His presence becomes a safe haven, a place to unload burdens and find peace. The beauty of "Come" lies in its ambiguity. Who are the weary hikers? Are they literal travelers, or is it a metaphor for anyone burdened by life's struggles? What does resting in Jesus' presence look like? Can it be found in quiet prayer, or even in the embrace of nature? Ultimately, "Come" is an invitation to open your heart and respond in your own way. Perhaps it's taking a literal break on a quiet hike or simply acknowledging the need for rest and grace in your life. Its a simple yet profound invitation that echoes throughout the Bible and speaks to the very essence of our relationship with God. It's not a call to clean up our act, impress Him with our achievements, or to fit in. It's an invitation to simply be, to come as we are, imperfections and all, and bask in the grace and love He offers freely.

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