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Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Dimension: 90 by 90cm.

Year completed: 2024.

  • Devotion

    ”Devotion” depicts a vast field of lavender stretches towards the heavens. Each bloom, awakens by the morning sun, reaches skyward, not unlike hands raised in a fervent prayer or the ecstatic sway of a crowd at a rock concert. Yet, amidst the vibrant hues and movement, a profound sense of calmness and peace descends. The viewer is invited to step into a world of hushed reverence, a sanctuary where tranquility and faith intertwine. The boundless expanse of the lavender field mirrors the breath of God's unlimited love, an endless ocean of compassion that washes over the faithful. His promises, like the fragrant scent of the lavender, linger long after the summer breeze has passed, offering solace and unwavering assurance to those who walk in faith. But "Devotion" transcends the confines of specific relationships. It speaks to the very essence of devotion itself, a tapestry woven with threads of loyalty, fidelity, and dedication. It reminds me that true love, whether it blossoms between spouses, binds friends in unbreakable bonds, or rises as a hymn of worship towards God, is a powerful force that can weather any storm. “Devotion” is dedicated to my wife Jacqueline for her devotion to God, her family and those around her.

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