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Dimenstion: 30 by 40 cm

Medium: Acryclic on canvas

Year Completed: 2024

  • Fullness

    "Fullness" overflows with the vibrant promise of God's grace. Lush red velvet roses unfurl on the canvas, their plush texture a caress against the soul. Each bloom bursts with color, a joyous celebration of the overflowing abundance showered upon God's children. Yet, beneath the velvety surface lies a depth of understanding. These blessings are not earned, but a gift received with trembling hands, a testament to a love that persists even in the face of brokenness. "Fullness" is a defiant whisper of hope, a vibrant reminder that even amidst life's trials, God's love blooms in breathtaking abundance. Let these roses ignite a spark of gratitude within you, a joyous recognition of the blessings that enrich your life.

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