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Dimension: 60 by 40cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year completed: 2021.


Tulip and grit do not seems to go together.  Tulips are very dedicate flowers and sympolise love. Prefect love to be exact.  Different colors of tulips symbolise different kinds of love. Red tulips means true love. Purple symbolizes royalty. White tulips are used to express worthiness or forgiveness. Pink tulips means affection, caring, good wishes, and friendship love.


I painted these pink tulips to signify grit because tulips were first found in the wild, in the harsh conditions of the Tian Shan (天山) mountain regions located in Central Asia. Tulips were discovered in the 10th century and have since ornamented palaces and houses of the rich and famous. A priced possession needed.


But why grit? According to Wikipedia, the tulip bulb offsets take a year or more of growth before they are large enough to flower. Tulips grown from seeds often need 5 to 8 years before plants are of flowering size.  That's a long time to wait should one wants to see the beautiful flowers.  Often we see the blossom. But how many of us see the effort it take for something beautiful to flower. 


Life often brings us on the same trajectory.  We can't rush time. Now you know why I called it Grit?

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