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He Will Carry You

He Will Carry You


Dimension: 90 by 120cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year completed: 2023.

  • He will carry you.

    “He will Carry You” frames a humble xích lô in contrast with Hanoi's "Big Church”.  This rusty vehicle, once a symbol of progress, now reflects unsettling truths. Its worn frame whispers tales of convenience built on sweat and strain. The xích lô was invented by a French gentleman from Charente  in 1939 and brought to Vietnam. Initially, it was designed with 3 wheels and pulled by people; the Chinese version of a rickshaw (三轮车).  Later it was developed to be paddle by humans. That’s why, in some areas, it's called “人力车” meaning “human powered vehicle”. The xích lô and the Cross represent sacrifice, albeit in different forms. The xích lô rider sacrifices physical labor for another's comfort, while the cross symbolises Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for all humanity.” He will carry you," whispers Michael’s invitation to listen to what the painting is communicating through the echoes of the xích lô's groan and the cross's welcoming gaze. But who carries whom? Is it the rider, his muscles knotted with every pedal stroke, carrying the traveler to ease? Or is it the cross, bearing the weight of humanity's pain, offering a path to solace beyond the cost of comfort?

    PS: for the fully story, click here.

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