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Light Touches

Light Touches


Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Dimension: 90 by 90cm.

Year completed: 2022.

  • Light Touches

    “Light Touches” focus on the interplay of light and shadow. These contrasting elements bring the painting to life, highlighting the intricate forms and textures of the roses. The warmth of the light might inspire hope and optimism, while the shadows might hint at vulnerability and introspection. This mirrors the emotional journey we traverse in life, where moments of darkness and doubt can pave the way for profound personal growth. The light in the painting can be interpreted as a manifestation of God's presence in our lives. His gentle and guiding touch illuminates our path, helping us navigate through darkness and uncertainty. The soft hues of the light might evoke God's unwavering love and compassion. Ultimately, the "Light Touches" in our lives, whether from human connection or divine guidance, lead to an inner transformation. We shed our past limitations and discover a deeper sense of peace, purpose, and self-acceptance. By exploring these layers of meaning, "Light Touches" transcends the canvas and becomes a powerful metaphor for the transformative power of light in our lives. It reminds us that even in the midst of darkness, beauty and possibility await, often revealed by the gentle touches of love, support, and faith.

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