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Live Beautifully

Live Beautifully


Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Dimension: 90 by 90cm.

Year completed: 2023.

  • Live Beautifully

    “Live Beautifully” invite you to see, nestled amidst their radiant beauty, a single peony bud, its petals still tightly closed. Unlike its fully bloomed sisters, it stands shyly, its surface smooth and unblemished. Yet, within this quiet bud lies a universe of potential, a promise of a bloom as exquisite as the ones surrounding it. This bud whispers a message of hope for those who have weathered storms. Think of a woman who has faced challenges, traumas that could have hardened her heart and dimmed her spirit. But like the peony bud, she chooses not to remain closed, not to be defined by the shadows of the past. Instead, she turns her face towards the sun, drawing strength from the beauty that surrounds her. The fully bloomed peonies, in their radiant glory, become a testament to this promise. They stand as living proof that even after the harshest winters, spring returns, and new blooms emerge, stronger and more beautiful than before. So, let this image of the peonies be a beacon of light for every woman. Let it remind you that no matter what you have faced, or where you are on your journey, you are capable of living beautifully. Embrace the potential within you, draw strength from the promises of God, and blossom into the magnificent person you were always meant to be.

    PS: for a full story click here.

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