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Dimension: 90 by 90cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Date completed: 2022.

  • Longings

    ”Longings" paints a powerful duality, capturing both our yearning for God's embrace and God's own outstretched hand reaching towards us. In the central swirl of blue, a figure struggles, arms outstretched. The swirling vortex evokes the depths of our souls, churning with desires for connection, purpose, and meaning. Like the abstract fishes swirling within, our longings dart and weave, sometimes clear and focused, sometimes murky and undefined. Yet, framing this inner turmoil, the azure spiral offers a glimpse of hope, a whirlpool drawing us closer to God. On the other hand, is the figure reaching out to provide salvation or is he drowning, grasping for salvation? Is the figure reaching for God, or is God reaching for them? This ambiguity reflects the paradox of salvation, where our faith and God's grace intertwine. We take the first step in reaching out, but ultimately, it is God who draws us close. "Longings" invites us to contemplate the depth of our own desires and God's unwavering love. It reminds us that even in the midst of turmoil, there is a beacon of hope, a divine hand ever reaching out to lead us back to the shore of peace. So, let us embrace our longings, not as whispers of despair, but as echoes of a connection waiting to be made, a yearning that finds its ultimate fulfilment in the arms of Jesus.

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