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Nueve Lagos Chiquitos

Nueve Lagos Chiquitos


Dimension: 61 by 61 cm.

Medium: Acryclic on canvas.

Year completed: 2021.


This painting consisit of 9 frames. 

  • Nueve Lagos Chiquitos

    "Nueve Lagos Chiquitos" in Spanish means Nine Small Lakes, invites one to ponder through its imagery. Consisting of nine frames, it evokes the presence of still water found near religious sites in Asian cultures. Devotees gaze into these "ponds" mirrors,  the act of self-reflection, a crucial aspect before spiritual connection. Here, water symbolises purification, echoing the Jewish practice of cleansing before entering sacred spaces. The 9 frames corresponds to the number nine in Chinese culture signifying “to take a long time," suggesting a deliberate and slow approach to introspection. This resonates with the Christian concept of confession, where individuals acknowledge their brokenness.  To find peace, one must first acknowledge one’s brokenness.  Only then to experience the joy of being warmly welcomed into God’s embrace despite one’s brokenness. The painting encourages one to step away from the everyday rush.  Each of the 9 frames of the painting encourages a quiet reflection on oneself, akin to finding solace in the presence of a loving God who journeys with us until we see Him reflected in ourselves.  The 9 small ponds to ponder (pun intended).

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