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Dimension: 60 by 40cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year Completed: 2020.


"Peace I give to you. Not that the world understand."


My wife and I love riding around Ecopark.  We like to ride into some rural motobike trails and enjoy the fresh and peaceful surrounding around Xuan Quan ward in Hung Yen province.   We can across this house and no one was inside.  I dream of what life will be like if I live a tranquil place like this.  What was life like 50 years ago before modren chivlization takes over?   And what will life here by like in 5 years time?  The Ecopark City is already encoarching into the boundaries where this house is located.  While the world rushes on, I hope the buyer of this picture finds peace.


"My peace I give to you. Not that the world understands."


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