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Somewhere in Hoi An

Somewhere in Hoi An


Dimension: 80 by 100cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Year completed: 2020.


I love Hoi An. My first trip to Hoi An was in 2001. Over the past 19 years of my career in Vietnam, I have made many trips to Hoi An. The old town continues to preserve it's charm. One story house. At most 2. In January 2020, my wife and I celebrated our 50th birthday. At the same time, we were back again to Hoi An to witness a couple's wedding.  We were there just before Covid 19 becomes a pandamic.

  • Somewhere in Hoi An

    “Somewhere in Hoi An” is not a snapshot but a portal. A gateway into the heart of Hoi An, inviting us to step back in time, to feel the cool tiles beneath our feet, to breathe in the air tinged with incense and spices, and to lose ourselves in the rhythm of a city that holds onto its charm with the tenacity of its ancient walls and the ever-blooming spirit of its people. Chrysanthemums, like liquid sunshine creates a vibrant contrast against the walls shaded in weathered terracotta. Sunlight, filtering through the vibrant curtain of flowers and birds in birdcages, plays upon the frame of a bicycle resting patiently just below. And the door, slightly ajar, whispers a silent invitation. Dare we step beyond the threshold, into the shadowed spaces within? In that darkness, perhaps, we'll find not just the city's secrets, but a reflection of our own journey, a flicker of Christ's light, waiting to be kindled within. “Somewhere in Hoi An” a place in the center of Vietnam is like a gateway for the north to the south, an old to the new, a journey to somewhere in Christ. 

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