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Title: Think!

Dimension: 90 by 90cm.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Date completed: 2022.

  • Think

    "Think," a tranquil pond mirrors the landscape above, creating a mesmerising interplay of light and shadow. The water's surface is smooth and unbroken, reflecting the world in perfect detail. The trees lining the pond's edge are gracefully reflected, the dark depths of the water are contrasted with the bright reflections of branches, and the sharp outlines of the trees are softened by the water's gentle ripples. The pond is a symbol of the subconscious mind, a place where thoughts and emotions are stored and processed. The reflections of the sky and trees represent the conscious mind, constantly seeking to understand the depths of the subconscious. The stillness of the water suggests a state of calm and contemplation, while the ripples hint at the underlying currents of thought and emotion. “Think" is a reminder that the conscious and subconscious minds are interconnected. The things we experience in the outer world are reflected in our inner thoughts and emotions, and the things we think and feel are reflected in our actions and behaviour. The painting encourages us to explore the depths of our own minds and to seek to understand the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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