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Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

Dimension: 90 by 90cm.

Year completed: 2022.

  • Wait

    Wait.  I do not like to wait.

    So I rush because I do not want to wait.

    You cannot rush time, a sage once said.

    So why am I rushing rather then wait instead?

    And countless nights, my mind stays awake.

    Rushing ahead of me as I lay in bed.

    Till the morning breaks.

    I hear the pigeon calling me to wake.


    A poem by Michael Ong

  • Wait

    “Wait” captures a lone white pigeon seated on the latch of a rustic green window frame. The window frames a dark, intriguing interior, its secrets veiled by shadows. The autumn leaves weave a tale of anticipation against the backdrop of a sun-kissed window. But it’s the pigeon that steals the show. The pigeon embodies a sense of anticipation. Its bright, watchful eyes seem fixed on something just beyond the frame, as if waiting for something to happen. This quiet observation invites the viewer to do the same, to explore the unseen spaces within the darkened room and imagine the stories that might unfold there. The painting is steeped in a sense of anticipation and melancholy, prompting viewers to contemplate the passage of time, the beauty of nature's cycles, and the quiet moments of waiting that punctuate our lives. The painting is a study in patience, an ode to the quiet moments in a life filled with change. The leaves, ablaze with colour, remind us of nature's relentless cycle, while the pigeon's stillness whispers of hope, of a new chapter waiting to be written in the crisp autumn air.

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