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Yellow City

Yellow City


Year Completed: 2021

Medium: Acrylic on wood

Dimension: 46 by 38 cm

  • Yellow City

    “Yellow City” paints a Vietnamese lady carrying her basket hawkering in the streets of Hoi An city know for its yellow walls. Her conical hat, woven from dried palm leaves, shades her face, hiding the stories etched in the lines around her eyes. Her strong back speaks volumes. Her walk is a silent sermon, each step measured and purposeful. Calloused hands, etched with the stories of the land, balancing the bamboo yokes, a silent conversation between woman and burden. It's a canvas of resilience, bearing the weight of two bamboo baskets overflowing with the vibrant supply of the Vietnamese market.  The painting invites us to consider the different perspectives on life's challenges, reminding us that burdens can also be blessings depending on how we view them. The woman's strength and determination in the face of hardship offer a powerful example of faith and resilience. The abundance of the market and the beauty of Hoi An remind us to be grateful for the blessings in our lives, even amidst challenges. The painting, like any work of art, speaks to each viewer differently. Take some time to reflect and ask yourself: what is your burden, and what is your blessing? What message does God speak to you through this scene?

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