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"Tea Talk: One Story at a Time" is the incredible account of the journey it took for a social venture called Tea Talk Café to shift from dream to reality. Step into the story of Michael Ong, a social worker from Singapore living in Hanoi for over 16 years, and discover with him the beauty and wonder of Vietnam and her people, while also experiencing with him the challenges of starting up a social enterprise in a foreign land. Open this book, and find the window of your heart opened to a new culture and perspective. Turn the pages, and get a front row seat to the twists and turns on the sometimes difficult path Michael and his family have chosen. Read on, and see that not only does this book contain Michael’s moving story, but more than that, stories of the people who have been inspired by the work that Tea Talk is doing. Finally, get ready to enter the narrative yourself. If you have yet to walk through the doors of Tea Talk, where so many lives have been changed, then let this be your opportunity to have the doors opened to you, with the fragrances of faith, hope, and love touching your nose and inviting you to be the next in line to “express your soul.”

Michael Ong (2017)


English version

(Hard copy limited copies left)

Chinese version available

PDF Copy $5.99 

English & Chinese versions available


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