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If Paintings Could Talk!

About the Artist

Michael Ong, a social worker and a counsellor at heart, spends his time talking with people, helping others find clarity for themselves; one conversation at a time.  One of Michael’s main philosophies is, “We are deeply broken but dearly loved." He believes that every person has a unique story to tell. It is through the telling and sharing of these stories that one finds meaning and the motivation to change. This deep connection to human experience extends beyond his professional role and finds expression in his art. Michael's paintings are not merely colours and strokes; they are visual narratives woven from the threads of his own introspection and the stories shared with him by those he helps. They are canvases of hope amidst pain, clarity emerging from chaos, and beauty rising from ashes. Michael invites you to join the conversation with "If Paintings Could Talk!". Through his artwork, he opens a window into his world, offering glimpses of resilience, vulnerability, and the transformative power of human connection.

Art Merchandises


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Tote Bags

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David Selva Kumar.
Company Name:Dazzling Enterprises.
202, Golden Towers,
St. No. 8, Habsiguda,
Hyderabad-500 007

Mobile:+91 81212 65630
WhatsApp:+91 88852 65630

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